May 29, 2024

I play several games of darts every week. I took up the game about 4 years ago when I started hanging out with a couple buddies on Saturday nights. It’s a pretty relaxing game but can become quite competitive if you let it!!

Just this week I joined a league, and found it different than playing with my buddies. Sweaty palms, pressure to perform, you know, the usual stuff!! I obviously wanted to make an impression. So to finish a game, we had 67 left and I decided to try for 17 and then the bullseye for the win!!

I hit it!! It’s not an easy thing to do under pressure, especially for an amateur, but I just had to go for it!!

One of the tools I use in #cybersecurity when creating labs and so on is Wireshark.
With it I can zero in on

  • what type of packets are being sent
  • how many attempts to send
  • ip addresses
  • source and destination ports
  • the list goes on

The filter also lets me look just specifically for particular types of protocols or activities. Wireshark gives me a lot of information but also lets me hit the Bullseye on something particular if I choose!

Like darts, there are lots of numbers and info to weed through but it also gives me the ability to weed out what I don’t want and zero in on what I do want to see if there is anything out of the ordinary that I should need to look further into.

Like a lot of cybersecurity, there is always a lot of info, but using the right tools will allow us to focus in and only hit what we need at the particular time or under certain circumstances.

So if you need a simple tool to understand what is coming back and forth along your network then Wireshark is it. It’s a very valid tool in cybersecurity. It can help you discover a SYN flood attack which could lead to other issues and so on.

It’s always one of the first tools I use to get me headed in the right direction.

Always attempt the bull if you can. It’s a fun challenge! Cheers!!

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